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IP telephony / Contact Center Solution
Clean R Contact Center Solution

"Clean R" is a leader in the environmental services industry in Latvia and places significant emphasis on the implementation of modern technologies and innovative solutions to ensure more efficient processes and improve customer convenience. Clean R's excellent cooperation with OSS Networks has resulted in the implementation of world-class Contact Centre platform, which within seconds allows the customer not only to contact Clean R, but also to get the information they need about current invoices and the planned schedule of waste container removal, while the call centre operator is able to quickly identify the customer, thus reducing the time needed to service the call. uContact has created a single platform for both voice calls and written communication, such as web chat and Facebook, which are also integrated with Clean R's internal customer service and management systems. The integration and automation between the systems enables the customer to obtain the information relevant to them, even outside Clean R's customer care operating hours. Appart from faster customer service Clean R has the added benefit of providing rich and detailed data on customer needs for targeted development of future services.

/ Solutions for mobile operators
Tele2 Lietuva Mobili stotelė (Call Manager)

Tele 2 Lithuania is the world's first mobile communications operator to offer its customers a unique service for call organisation and accounting, based on Smartmex - a solution developed by OSS Networks.

/ Solutions for mobile operators
LMT Zvanu pārvaldnieks (Call Manager)

In collaboration with OSS Networks, LMT offers a “Call Manager” service to its customers. Service functionality allows you to provide business customers with the most important needs – call records and statistics, various configuration options and the company’s central number usage on your mobile phone, as well as the ability to record calls.

/ Solutions for mobile operators

Smartmex is a solution developed by the OSS Networks team, which provides the latest generation voice communications solutions in mobile operator communications networks. Smartmex platform is the first and only solution of its kind in the world.

Smartmex replaces fixed-phone exchange functions and complements mobile phone functionality by providing functions such as group calls, call recordings, call forwarding and tapping, reports, working time control, etc.

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Security solutions / Sophos XG Firewall
Sophos Firewall security solution in ISR (International School of Riga)

The security of ISR data and IT systems is provided by Sophos equipment installed by OSS Networks and Sophos Firewall Protect licences. In order to ensure continued network protection and avoid threats, the company takes care of the solution service: user support, providing solution updates and, if necessary, providing technical support.

Data networks / Network Wiring
Construction of local computer networks of Talsi municipal schools

Regional Council of Talsi − design, construction of the local computer networks in schools, supply and setup of network devices.

Data networks / Network Wiring
Construction of local computer network in Compensa

Compensa Vienna Insurance Group ADB, Latvia branch − construction of local computer network (phones, computers), telecommunications device supply (switches, routers, IP phones), computer hardware supply and setup, configuration and service of the devices.

Data networks / Network Wiring
Construction of local computer network in Berendsen Tekstila Serviss

Construction of local computer network (phones, computers) and optical cables, telecommunications device supply (switches, routers, IP Phones), setup, configuration and service.

Data networks / Network Wiring
Construction of weak current networks in Promo mall on Ieriķu Street

The network construction project was carried out within a period of 1 month. During this period the OSS Networks team carried out the construction of LAN network cables, the connection of WI-FI network equipment and the connection of switching equipment.

IT Solutions / IT Outsourcing
RERE Grupa IT service

OSS Networks is a long-term partner of RERE Grupa in IT infrastructure maintenance. OSS Networks provides both short-term and long-term IT strategy development, IT infrastructure planning, technical supply, installation, servicing, and the provision of various internal IT services. Cooperation with OSS Networks has contributed to the growth and competitiveness of RERE Grupa, continuously improving services and providing innovative IT solutions, as well as operational support at its construction sites.

IP telephony / Call centre platform
Call centre platform BALTA

Since 2015, OSS Networks has been providing the call centre platform BALTA. The call centre solution and its functionality were created taking into account the specific characteristics of the insurance industry and the requirements imposed by the company. Over the years the number of users of the call centre platform has increased to 100 agents.

IP telephony / IP Phone Exchange
MyFitness sports club Dzelzava

OSS Networks is one of the companies that participated in the development of MyFitness newest sports club, supporting the development of IT infrastructure solutions – OSS Networks installed and configured network equipment and provided consultations on installing other equipment. Like other sports clubs, OSS Networks provides and services IP telephony in MyFitness club on Dzelzavas Street.

IT Solutions / IT Outsourcing
MyFitness hardware and telephony service in the office and 12 sports clubs

Before providing the service, an audit as well as a long-term plan and recommendations were carried out for improving IT infrastructure. OSS Networks currently provides all hardware services, IP telephone exchange operation and services, as well as user support at all My Fitness sports clubs in Latvia, while working on long-term improvements.