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User-friendly and easy to implement security solutions for companies that want to protect their data and systems. Sophos XG Firewall offers a new approach to security management solutions, responds to threats and provides continuous network monitoring. The solution is suitable for both small and medium-sized enterprises, private and public companies with the number of employees measured in the hundreds or thousands.


  • It blocks unrecognised threats using comprehensive protection tools, such as IPS, ATP, Sandboxing, Dual AV, Web and App Control, Anti-phishing, full-Featured Web Application Firewall, etc.
  • It points out hidden network threats – unrecognised applications, high-risk users, security threats, suspicious data streams, etc.
  • It automatically reacts to security breaches and suspends the infected systems until they can be “cleaned up”.


Along with the purchase of the equipment and the minimum support, Sophos XG users receive a few basic components for the protection of their infrastructure, for example, the possibility to block IP addresses from a certain location, creating simple VPN connections with branches or stepping up the authentication.

Meanwhile, separate licences are offered for full protection, depending on the specific security requirements – Network, Web, E-mail, Web server and Sandstorm. Those can be activated individually or all together.


Sophos Network Protection licence

All the necessary protection to prevent targeted attacks or unforeseen threats, while providing secure network access for trusted users.

This licence ensures the advanced protection of the network against external Internet threats. Sophos Network Protection combines technologies that provide multiple levels of threat protection. By using the latest technology, the users of Sophos are protected from botnet attacks (a major network overload). Thanks to the Intrusion Prevention System, the incoming data flow is fully analysed and data containing malware does not reach the network. At the same time, Sophos offers its own encrypted virtual private network access channel for secure remote access.

To avoid slowdowns with Sophos Network Protection, you can define the essential applications and assign those a higher priority for public internet access.

Sophos Web Protection licence

Secure and productive performance for network users is ensured by a comprehensive protection of websites, applications and services and application control. The Sophos XG Firewall allows users to only use trusted and efficient tools and websites. The extent of use of websites and applications by employees and authorised guests can be controlled and restricted by defining work time, free time and the permitted number of hours.

The licence has two main objectives – protect the company network against malware while the employees use the internet, while monitoring internet use at the same time. By using Sophos Web Protection, the users are protected against the most widespread threat technologies and suspicious web codes. If a workstation is already infected, the Sophos Web Protection license prevents the malware from contacting its host server and sending out sensitive information.

To make Internet browsing safe, Sophos has created 96 categories with more than 35 million website addresses. Sophos customers can use these categories to easily and quickly create a secure Internet browsing policy and avoid visiting inappropriate websites. In addition, the Next Generation Firewall provides the ability to completely control the use of the permitted content. It is possible to reflect the employees’ Internet browsing habits in the reports included with the solution.

Sophos Sandstorm Protection licence

When downloading files from websites, Sophos Sandstorm uses the latest generation of cloud technology to prevent malicious and targeted attacks.

This licence ensures the functionality of Sophos Cloud Sandboxing. Sandstorm Protection works in conjunction with the Web and/or E-mail protection licences. Sandstorm Protection provides additional protection against zero day attacks by checking all files received in e-mail or downloaded from the Internet and their behaviour after receipt/opening. Before the new file enters the customer’s infrastructure, it is uploaded to the Sophos lab in the cloud and executed. If the file starts a malicious activity, the delivery of the file is stopped and the user is notified. On the other hand, if the file is harmless and safe, it is sent to the recipient after being checked.

Sophos E-mail Protection licence

Full protection of SMTP and POP messages against spam and protection against the loss of sensitive data with the option to automatically recognise and encrypt sensitive data. The solution uses comprehensive protection based on e-mail encryption, DLP and anti-spam technology, which enables the users themselves to control the flow of e-mails withheld on the firewall side without the involvement of an administrator.

Sophos Anti-Spam filters protect the incoming email by using reputation and language filters, content checking, website inspection and sender verification.

With Sophos Email Protection, it is possible to encrypt and block outgoing e-mails that contain sensitive information with personal data or business-critical information.

Sophos Web Server Protection licence

Protection of web servers and business applications against hacking attacks.

The Web Server Protection license is important for those who host their websites or servers and software used by external customers. Web Server Protection inspects the incoming data stream to protect the users from tampering or hacking attempts. This protection licence protects the infrastructure from all known forms of attack and at the same time checks the uploaded file status with additional anti-virus checks to prevent them from being infected.

By using Web Server Protection with additional authentication options, you can ensure extra security without the help of third-party websites or app developers.


Authorised partner

OSS Networks is the authorised partner of Sophos in Latvia


  • The Sophos Firewall can be integrated into an existing network and used in parallel with existing network facilities, or it can replace the existing equipment and be used as the primary gateway.
  • The XG Firewall solution can also be installed on existing physical Intel hardware or VMware, Citrix, Microsoft Hyper-V and KVM virtual server platforms.
  • The XG series devices provide the best performance, connectivity and reliability, regardless of the number of users. The equipment is suitable for both small and medium-sized enterprises, private and public companies with the number of employees measured in the hundreds or thousands.


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