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We are excited to announce that OSS Networks is now part of Enreach, as a result of OSS Networks joining this rapidly-growing European company. This exciting news brings with it future opportunities for growth, collaboration, pioneering product launches and additional benefits from a broad range of communication expertise. 

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Check out the advice provided by professionals and learn how to improve your email security and what to look for to comply with GDPR rules and business etiquette.


IT pakalpojumi


Would you trust your companies IT infrastructure to outsourced IT service partner?
Apply for a consultation and find out what are the advantages of IT outsourcing and what benefits we can provide to your company:

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And how about you?



IT outsourcing is becoming more and more popular. That allows companies to grow and save money.

Apply and find out the costs for your company:



With countries worldwide battling the COVID-19 crisis we understand how important it is for a hospitality business to ensure smooth and efficient service for its customers during this period, so today we would like to talk more about how can especially this sector benefit from a digitalSigning and archiving solution. No more incorrect data, no more long registration process, and.. what else? Learn more how our dual tool can boost your business and improve your customers' experience!

Digitāla paraksta risinājums


IT outsourcing 

  • IT consulting;
  • IT infrastructure;
  • User support;
  • Computer repair and delivery of new computers;
  • And a lot other service option!

We offer a broad spectrum of IT services, ranging from equipment servicing to auditing the business infrastructure and developing a long-term development plan.


IT pakalpojumi


Is IT outsourcing right for my business?

Will that be beneficial?

Maybe it's better to hire an employee?

When thinking about IT services for your business many questions and reflections arise.

Read an article about the benefits of IT outsourcing and find out what will work best for your business:

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Email threats

Just one wrong click and damage can be done! Learn all about Email threats and how important it is to protect email:

E-pastu drošība


How to protect your company from cyber attacks?

Getting started with Email Security!

F-Secure - a top-rated antivirus software has created a free article about email security.

Read more:



Digital signature solution provide various advantages:

• All documents are easy to read 🕵️‍♂‍

• Documents do not disappear 🔏

• Logistics, storage and archiving of documents is much cheaper and simpler 🗄

• All documents can be sent automatically to the required e-mail recipients 📧

Apply and find out all about the digital signature solution!




More and more companies are abandoning paper documents, as the digitization of documents reduces archiving and logistics costs and prevents data loss.

Learn more how a digital signature solution can save your money and improve your customer registration experience

Digitāla paraksta risinājums



OSS Networks is a manufacturer of the IP PBX telephone exchange. We develop, configure, install and maintain an IP telephone exchange solution, so we can offer an individual approach to each company.


IP Telefonija


IT outsourcing 

OSS Networks qualified experts are ready to support your company in all IT issues. We already provide various of our services to more than 1000 companies, including A / S RERE GRUPA, MyFitness and others.




Your guide to understanding the email threat landscape

  • Discover the most common email security threats?
  • Understand how the transition to cloud-based solutions affects your email security?
  • Get an insight on COVID-19's impact on the email threat landscape?
  • Learn how to protect your business from advanced email threats?

Find answers to all your questions in the F-secure guide:

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Sign contracts and other files directly on a tablet

You don’t need to print a pile of documents just to collect one signature. Your customers can sign contracts and other files directly on a tablet and immediately get their own copy sent to their email, saving time and archiving space.

Apply for consultation:



Digitāla paraksta risinājums



Sign on Tab is a solution to electronically sign various documents; thus – getting rid of a large amount of paper, as they are stored digitally. The risk of document loss is greatly minimized and procedures simplified by switching to the digital signature solution.

Digitāla paraksta risinājums


If existing or potential customers use different communication channels to communicate with your company and you want response soon as possible, then we have a solution for you!

The contact center allows you to combine calls, emails, social networks and chats on one platform.


Kontaktu centrs



Protect your company information!

The pandemic is the right time to protect your servers and computers, reducing cyber security risks. As working from home has become a common practice, it is important to establish the necessary infrastructure and security guidelines to reduce the company's exposure to risks related to distributed infrastructure. F-secure, which is the highest rated antivirus in the independent AV TEST rating, in cooperation with OSS Networks offers a unique opportunity to receive a discount code for future antivirus software purchases.

Request the code now and apply it until 01.09.2021

F-secure atlaide



Enjoy a theatrical show in an unprecedented format.

KVADRIFRONS offers a new theatrical show in format suitable for the current epidemiological situation in our country – the audible show. The audible show was made possible because of the high versatility and adaptability of OSS Networks call processing platform. The format of the show provides an unprecedented virtual choose-your-own adventure experience and is a true source of inspiration, so don't wait and listen now.

Rolanda dziesma


No one knows cybersecurity quite like F-Secure

For three decades, F-Secure has been the driving force for innovation in the field of cybersecurity, protecting tens of thousands of businesses and millions of people. OSS Networks is the official partner of F-Secure in Latvia



OSS Networks offers Vanderbilt EMEA security, access control and timesheet management systems.

Access accurate information on hours worked by employees, help maintain a safe work environment and streamline production/sales processes. The system reports section provides information on time worked down to the minute to help simplify accounting processes.

You can grant or revoke access rights to the company's premises, as well as obtain a specially designed report for Covid-19 contact tracing from any smart device anywhere in the world.


Laika uzskaites sistēma


Contact Centre is a solution that allows you to combine all communication channels on one platform!

• E-mail

• Social media

• Outgoing calls

• Call recordings

• Call forwarding

The Contact Centre system compiles and stores statistics, so you can determine the most successful communication channels with customers, as well as evaluate the quality of the answers provided by your employees and determine how your employees spend their working time. The technical solution for the Contact Centre can be changed and adapted to the needs of your company; various other communication solutions are also possible, for example, Call Centre.


Kontaktu centrs



OSS Networks offers a variety of telecom solution

One of the most popular and effective telecom services is Auto Dialer – an automated call solution. It is also used by our cusotmer-  Enefit Latvija – the second largest electricity company and one of the largest natural gas companies in the Latvian open energy market. Using the Auto Dialer solution, Enefit Latvia has helped more than 20,000 households reduce their electricity bills in a year and a half, and we are very happy to have helped achieve Enefit's goal!

Thank you Enefit Latvija for trusting us and giving us the opportunity to achieve more together!


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